Friday, 14 September 2012

Proud mummy moment

My son is not very good at talking at the moment, I've been trying for a long time to get him talking more and more but it was never working.
But since the children have been back at school my son has been going to preschool 5 mornings a week and I really think its been helping him.

What I think has helped a lot is that the teachers at preschool have been devoting lots of time on him, due to his speech and eye problems.
Well whats made me so proud was today I managed to get him to count to 5 he has never done this before and only knew the word two, As I was in shock over this I got him to do it again and then I got him to do it to my parents and husband both times he did it so that was 4 new words he has learnt today, Well thats what I thought at the time little did I know 30 or so mins later he would say another new word.

He was throwing a bouncy ball around and he shouted high after all these new words I couldn't let them go with out a treat so I let him have a few sweets before bed time.

On top of his new words he also learnt to put some words together as well, When he lost his ball he was looking under the coffee table, I asked him where his ball was and he said down there.

This is real progress on his talking and I really feel so proud of him, I just hope this is the start of new things to come.

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