Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dirt Devil DCC070

As much as I like housework I have been finding it very draining, I constantly have to get the vacuum cleaner out to clean up after my 3 kids and have always found it a pain getting it in and out of our cupboard and then putting all the pipes together.
Lucky for me I was chosen by Dirt Devil to try out one of there latest vacuum cleaners, When it arrived I was expecting the box to be very heavy but was surprised that it was very light compared to my normal vacuum cleaner I use.
Once I opened the box I was impressed to see their wasn't really much to put together and even better was you could keep all the pipes attached and the floor brush has a hook on it for storage, The main tube of it is called a telescopic tube and instead off attaching two tubes together like I would with my other vacuum, The tube on the Dirt Devil simply extends, You get two main floor brushes with this vacuum cleaner the first one is a basic floor brush that has a setting for hard floors (perfect for my kitchen floor)and the second brush is called an intense turbo brush the main use for this is for if you have pets, As the only pet I have is a guinea pig I didn't think I would have much use for this one but tried it out any way and found it picked up the hay my daughter always drops when feeding the guinea pig really well, So this brush is used a lot now in my house.

The Dirt Devil has 2200w high power which is much more powerful than my other vacuum, It is also bagless so you wont need to go out and buy new bags, The filters are treated with Microban which is 99.5% effective against common household bacteria, Dirt Devil do recommend you replace the filters after 9 months of use and they are very easy to remove from the vacuum.

Another great thing that comes with this vacuum is an accessory holder that attaches to the main tube so all the other little tools that come with it are always at hand, The tools you get to put in the accessory holder are Dusting brush,Upholstery tool and a crevice tool.
This is now the only vacuum I use in my house as its so small I can leave it out and it doesn't get in the way, The only thing I have said that I don't like about it is the mains cable just isn't long enough for me a I now have to unplug it to move on to vacuum the next room, But like I say its the only thing and it hasn't stopped me using it and even though it has a shorter mains cable than i'm used to it wont stop me recommending it to my friends and family.

I have also found that even though my old vacuum cleaned well my floor just seems some what cleaner.
If you would like to find out more about Dirt Devil you can visit there facebook page here and also there website here

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  1. Brilliant review. Already a Facebook follower. Now following your blog and Dirt Devils twitter