Friday, 23 March 2012

Not what I ever wanted to hear

As many of you are aware my son has loose lenses in his eyes, Well this week he went for his eye check to see how his glasses are helping, Well it turns out there not helping a lot and his eyes have got worse, My husband described the way our son sees is like if we was crying and had tears in our eyes, My heart sunk when I was told this, But that wasn't all of what my husband told me, My son has now been refered to great ormond street hospital and we have been told that it is likely that our son will need an operation on his eyes of course my heart sunk even more.

Now I feel in limbo as we curently dont know whats going on, Lucas preschool are aware of his eye problems and have said they will get in specials things like extra large print books for him, Which I think is really good.

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