Monday, 5 March 2012

Very clingy 10 month old

Just recently my daughter has got very clingy to me and my husband, I only noticed it the other day when I had a workman out to fix an hindge on my door and as he was doing it all she did was scream unless I was holding her, I thought at first it was just because she had never seen him before but then the next day my neighbour/ friend took her and my son while I went to hang my washing out(we live in a flat so the garden doesn't back right onto my flat and it means leaving the flat to do it), My daughter is normally ok with my neighbour but this time she just screamed.

The next time I noticed this was when my dad was round fitting my new washing machine again she screamed unless I had hold of her, Then me and my husband wanted to go out for a meal so we had my sister round to babysit for us and guess what, she screamed again but this time she made herself sick doing it, So me and my hubby had to drive back to get her and take her with us.

I just wish I knew how I could make her less clingy.

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