Friday, 16 March 2012

Finally a doctor that is willing to do something

Since my son was about 6 months old he has been in and out of hospital from breathing problems, We was told by the hospital that it was due to the really bad mould that was in our old place, I wish I had photos of it so you could see just how bad it was, The thing that annoyed me most about this mould was we could never get to speak to our landlord as he would never answer his phone or call us back so it just got worse and worse, Until we was lucky enough to be offered our flat via a housing association.

Sadly for my son it was to late and now every time he has a cold he is always rushed to the doctors as he has troubles breathing, Over the past few months it has got worse and worse he couldn't even make it to school without getting out of breath, So even though the doctors has been fobbing us off saying they can't diagnose anything with him as he's to young I decided it was time to go again and this time I wasn't taking no for an answer, As I felt bad having to tell a nearly 3 year old that he had to stop playing so he could get his breath back.

Well anyway we saw a doctor that we have never seen before he checked Lucas over and said he's even worse at the moment because it turns out he has a chest infection so right away prescribed him medicine for that, I then told the doctor what he was like everyday when he doesn't have a chest infection and he said no child at that age should have to sit down to get there breath back and decided to put him on a brown inhaler to take twice a day everyday, He also gave him a blue one for when he gets out of breath.

The doctor wants to see Lucas again in a months time to see how he's getting on with them, I currently have mixed emotions about this as im happy somethings being done but im sad that my son has to have so much stuff, I'm now just hopeing that these work for my son and that he can carry on being a normal little boy.

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