Friday, 16 March 2012

RM Education brings intelligent play to UK Grab, play and learn; new Sifteo Cubes connect technology with creativity

RM Education has launched Sifteo Cubes in the UK, bringing the innovative game system to classrooms across the country. Sifteo Cubes are inspired by classic play pattern games such as chess, jigsaws and crosswords. By combining these play traditions with interactive game technology, Sifteo Cubes create an “intelligent play” experience that is interactive, tactile, challenging and fun.

Aimed at key stage two (KS2) and above, Sifteo’s games offer a range of education benefits including:
· Numeracy skills by building awareness of number association
· Language and literacy skills
· Help to develop higher-order skills like problem solving, sorting and classification ability
· Development of spatial skills through relationships between objects in terms of distance and orientation
· Kinaesthetic learning
· The cubes are also ideal for use in SEN learning
Each clickable 1.5 inch block offers a full colour LCD display, a variety of motion sensors and a rechargeable battery. The Six Pack Starter Kit allows access to a range of games to address different skills (games are managed within Siftrunner, a free to install application). During game play, the cubes communicate with each other through sensory technology and the information is then sent back to a nearby computer via a USB wireless link. Customers receive three games for free, with subsequent games costing around £5 each. A software development kit is also included.

Mike Beech, Head of Product Marketing at RM Education comments, “Sifteo Cubes truly represent a new take on games-based learning, encouraging an exciting range of thinking skills. RM Education is constantly looking at ways to bring innovation into classrooms and Sifteo Cubes will promote and enable intelligent play amongst learners. We’re incredibly excited by the potential of games-based learning and delighted to be taking it to the next level in the UK.”

RM Education has exclusive distribution rights of Sifteo Cubes in the UK market education.

Sifteo Cubes are available for just £230. For more information visit

RM Education has been helping teachers to teach and learners to learn for nearly 40 years. We develop, manufacture, install and manage hardware, software, IT networks and services and classroom resources all specially designed for schools to help deliver inspiring engaging learning.

Schools and local authorities outsource their IT to RM Education and we also provide systems that help mark exam papers, deliver school performance data and enable access to learning platforms from home or school. Our customers include schools, colleges and universities, local government, central government education departments & agencies.

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