Monday, 26 March 2012

Moon Sand Pet Shop

I have always had my worries about Moon Sand think it would be very messy, So when I got the chance to try out the new Moon sand pet shop with my kids, I couldn't wait for it to arrive.
The age they recommend moon sand for is 3+, So as my son is very nearly 3 I decided to try it out on him as well as my 5 year old daughter.

It arrived when my daughter was at school so me and my son Lucas got stuck right in and set it up, The box the moon sand comes in is also used for playing with the moon sand in, There is also a bit of card that you attach to it so you can have the lid standing upright,
Unfortunately my son decided it was best to mix the two colour sands it comes with together but it doesn't effect playing with it one bit.

My son doesn't often it down for long and play with toys but he sat down for over an hour with the moon sand and even though he couldn't manage to make up any of the animals with the sand he still really enjoyed playing with it.

To save arguments the day it arrived my daughter got to play with it when my son went to bed, This way I could see how well she got on with it, She managed to make up a lot of the animals herself and was really enjoying being able to decorate the pet shop how she wanted.

Now as I said before I was worried about the mess the kids would make with this but to my surprise there was hardly any mess and what moon sand had dropped on the floor was very easy to pick up or vacume up, After getting the chance to test moon sand out I have agreed that we will happily buy my son and daughter some more.

The Moon sand pet shop comes with 13 molds, 1 press and play tool & pet shop, 1 sand box, 1 instruction sheet and 2 bags of colored moon sand.
You can buy Moon sand pet shop and many other moon sand products from all good toy shops.

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