Monday, 5 March 2012

MAM Bowl and Fork and Spoon set

I was asked to test out a review the Mam bowl and fork and spoon set with Jovie, I was very excited to try this out as we have been having problems getting Jovie to eat any food thats not puree.

The Mam bowl and fork and spoon set is just like any other Mam product and is BPA free, The bowl has a suction ring on the bottom to keep it attached to babies highchair, I have to say as I was preparing Jovies food it got stuck to my worktop and I struggled to pull it off, So I can safely say it does its job there, Theirs also a lid for the bowl so if your going out somewhere you can bring your babies food alone in there own bowl or even if your baby no longer uses a the bowl you could use it for food storage, The bowl has two levels inside it to help make it easier for your child to pick there food up with there fork or spoon.

The fork is perfect for little babies and toddlers as it has all the normal things a fork would have only its more rounded so it wont hurt your baby or toddler when eating, Even though its more rounded than a normal fork you can still pick food up easy with it, The handles on the fork and spoon are curved to help your child learn how to hold them properly and they also have a nice rubber grip on them so they wont get slipey and become hard to hold.

If you would like to find out more about MAM and all there other products you can do so from there facebook page here
And you can also check out there website and shop here

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