Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My son makes me proud

I know every mother always says how proud they are of their children but I have to say I have never been more proud of my son than I am right now, As you already know he started preschool a few weeks back, Since he has started I have been worried that I will get a phone call saying he's hit someone or done something terrible but thats not been the case all I have had is positive comments sent home from the staff.

Today my husband dropped him off and he told me that Lucas just went strait off to play with no fuss, So I felt very relaxed today and not worried about getting any calls, I got the lucky job of picking Lucas up from preschool today and as I walked through the door I saw him sitting crossed legged on the mat with most of the other children, He saw me walk in but didn't get up and run over like the other children did when they saw there parents instead a staff member had to bring him over and then he happily said good bye to them and off he went to come home.

When we got home I checked his book bag to take out any work he had done from the week before only to find the cutest mothers day card that he had made for me.

It now has pride of place on my living room window sill and when I ask him who made it he proudly says me. To top things off since starting preschool everyday he has come out with a new word and he has also calmed down so much he's like a different boy.

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