Monday, 5 March 2012

My little mans first day of preschool

After talking with my husband we decided the time was right to get our son into preschool, It all happened very quick as well, We made our minds up 23rd Feb so filled the forms in and gave our deposit on the 24th next thing I know im getting a phone call saying he can start on the 29th Feb, So on the 28th we had the chance to go visit, Lucas was very quick to leave me while I spoke to the people that run Pre school to hear what they do with the children.

Lucas enjoyed his visit that much that he didn't want to go home, So the 29th came and Lucas was all excited, me on the other hand was very nervous as I was worried how he would be when this time he wont even have me in the room with him, So at 9:15am the doors opened and Lucas ran in I followed after so I could hand his book bag in and say good bye at this point Lucas started to cry, I left quick so the ladies that run it could get him settled.
When I got home I decided to blitz the house and the whole time I was doing that I was checking my phone incase I got a call to say they couldn't settle him, Before I knew it it was time to pick him up, As Jovie was asleep in the pushchair I asked one of the staff if they could send Lucas out for me, A few minutes later out came Lucas holding one of the staff members hands and I was greeted with a great big hug.

When we got home I checked his book to see a really nice comment from one of the staff members to say Lucas settled in very well and really enjoyed painting, I was so proud when I read this as Lucas can be a bit of a bully to his sisters and wont share things so I was expecting a comment to say something like that, So I'm one proud mummy.

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