Friday, 16 March 2012

So annoying

I'm getting so annoyed and theirs only so many time I can moan to my husband about this,I live in flats but theirs only 8 flats in the building and only 3 people that live here don't have kids, Where I'm getting annoyed is the fact that everyone just slams there doors when there really is no need to do it, Every night Jovie is woke by doors slamming and the same goes for during the day with her, I have tried asking the people that do it (nicely)not to but they still do it, There excuse is that they have there hands full so can't shut it quietly, All I can say to that is if I can do it surly you can too.

Our housing officer just don't care its been mentioned to her a few times from a couple of different people and all she says is and I quote " I will send a letter out to everyone" Have we ever had this letter NO we haven't.

A few times I have got that annoyed I have wanted to go and stand by my door and just keep slamming it but then I feel if I do that then I will be just like them.

Sorry for the rant but I really need to get it off my chest before I explode with anger.

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